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Farmers from l'Ardoise, Nova Scotia


Cape Breton

Acadian Project

Acadian Flag

Even the smallest memories are priceless.

Welcome to The Cape Breton Acadian Project:

Let's Preserve and Celebrate Your Fascinating Heritage!


Are you as passionate as we are about preserving and honoring the unique Acadian culture and history? Well, you're in the right place, because we're on a mission to ensure that your vibrant traditions, customs, and language continue to thrive for generations to come.

Why Preserve and Document

Cape Breton's Acadian Culture and History?

Picture this: Your ancestors, with their unwavering spirit and resilience, shaped the very fabric of your community. They passed down traditions, stories, and a rich cultural heritage that make Cape Breton Acadians truly unique. By preserving and documenting your history, we're preserving the heart and soul of a rich and fascinating culture.

Imagine walking in the footsteps of those who came before you, understanding their challenges, celebrating their triumphs, and embracing the wisdom they left behind. By delving deeper into Acadian heritage, we all gain a deeper sense of identity, pride, and belonging. It's like discovering a treasure chest filled with tales, customs, and traditions that make our corner of Nova Scotia so special.


Lights, Camera, Action!

Documenting Traditions, Customs, and Language

through Engaging Videos


Here's the exciting part: We're bringing Acadian heritage to life through the power of video! 

We believe that watching and hearing these stories is an amazing way to truly capture the beauty and authenticity of the culture, and we’ve been hard at work, planning how to capture the essence of the vibrant traditions, unique customs, and the particular flow of the language.

Through these captivating videos, we're not just telling stories; we're showing the world what it means to be a Cape Breton Acadian. 

We want to transport you back in time, immerse you in the lively celebrations, and introduce you to the fascinating characters who have shaped the history. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and filled with an even deeper sense of pride!


Your Voice Matters:

Share Your Memories, Stories, Customs, and Traditions


But guess what? We can't do this without you! 


We need your memories, stories, customs, and traditions to help document and preserve the tapestry of Acadian heritage. Whether you're a seasoned storyteller or simply have a treasured family recipe to share, your voice is invaluable.

  • Remember the tales you heard from your grandparents about the good ol' days?

  • The mouthwatering recipes that have been passed down through the generations?

  • The little-known customs and traditions that define the Acadian way of life? 

Your experiences and insights are the secret ingredients that make our project truly special.


So, Join the Fun:

Get Involved with The Cape Breton Acadian Project


Imagine the joy of seeing your family's cherished traditions immortalized! Ready to dive in? 


Sharing your memories, stories, customs, and traditions is as easy as a Cape Breton breeze. Just send us a message! 

Together, we'll create a living, breathing collection of Cape Breton Acadian culture that future generations can proudly inherit. So, what are you waiting for?

Let's explore, document, and celebrate the vibrant Cape Breton Acadian culture and history! 


Join The Cape Breton Acadian Project today and be a part of something truly extraordinary.

The backstory, the hope, and the goal

In the Spring of 2022, I met a 90 year old man at the Foodland in St. Peter's. He asked for a ride home, and of course I was happy to take him anywhere he wanted to go. His name was Vernon, and we became fast friends and still are. Over the following months, Charlie and I learned all sorts of old stories about the community and culture in L'Ardoise as well as customs, recipes, and even some Acadian French.


We eventually met Vernon's sister, Bernadette and her husband Alvin and daughter Lisa, who taught us even more about the area and its rich history. I love taking Vernon to Port Hawkesbury. We listen to fiddle music all the way there and back and enjoy some chowder at the Fleur de Lis cafe.


He's like family to us.

But this project was inspired by Vernon. He sparked our curiosity, making us want to delve into the history and culture of the Acadian people across Cape Breton.

Through interviews (audio or video) and photos, we plan to create a series of short videos in order to collect, document, and preserve everything we can about the Acadians here. The language is especially important, and for this reason, we would like to conduct as many of the interviews as possible in French. So if you'd like to volunteer as a French speaker, especially Acadian French, we'd be extra tickled.

We don't know exactly where this project will take us.

But since Charlie has produced a TV series as well as a couple of documentaries, we thought that ultimately a full length documentary would be ideal, but who knows. We are all growing older, so our biggest priority is to compile the information in a digital format and to make it available to everyone so that the rich Acadian heritage will never be forgotten.

(Photo: Vernon Martell wanted me to take this photo of him standing next to my car at the L'Ardoise Community Center in 2022)

Acadian man from l'Ardoise

The Flying Teljeurs

We're a couple of new locals and creative types who have developed this fascination with Acadian culture. After learning a little about the history of Cape Breton, visiting places like Cheticamp, and most importantly, after meeting Vernon Martell of L'Ardoise, we realized that the community had a rich history and culture that needed to be seen and heard. 

With our combined 50 years of experience in content creation and broadcasting, we wanted to tackle a project together - one that sparked our curiosity and interest . . . and we found it in L'Ardoise - and so this little project was born.


B&W Photo of a Couple

But who are we really?

Charlie Teljeur

Charlie Teljeur

Creative Director, Writer, Cartoonist, Video Dude

Since graduating with a degree in Animation from Sheridan College, Charlie has been producing creative content for major national and international media outlets across North America  for more than twenty years. Amongst these are hundreds of sports cartoons, comic strips, dozens of articles, two documentaries, and a syndicated golf travel show. His most recent video work has won a number of awards including a Telly, Webby, and COPA.

Charlie's portfolio 

Joanna Teljeur

Joanna Teljeur

Voice Actor, Audiobook Narrator, Writer of Things

Joanna earned her degree in Dramatic Art from the University of California, Berkeley and worked in broadcasting before launching her recording and voice over career in 2010. She's recorded TV ads, eLearning, documentaries, and over 100 audiobooks. She's worked as a Creative Director for Cumulus Broadcasting and a Program Manager for Food Network. Meanwhile, she's written more copy than she'd like to admit, adores history, and most recently, she's developed this crazy passion for Acadian history and culture.

Joanna's portfolio

Brewery Brothers
My blood needs the salt air, my heart beats to the rhythm of the fiddle.
I hear thunder in a quiet sky, I smell all the scents of the seasons.
I’ve decided to return to the land of my forefathers with memories of friendship and separation
I return to the cradle of Acadie

― “Je reviens au berceau de l’Acadie” by Grand Dérangement

Interested in sharing your stories and memories with us?

Help preserve the culture and heritage of Cape Breton's Acadian communities.

Thanks for sending us your info! We'll be in touch to tell you more.

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