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Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Originally compiled by Paul Pâté

Source: Miss Mary Mombourquette


There was a big green house situated past the Crewe Road just before you get to Burt Samson’s house. In 1981, it was torn apart, but it has been said that when the house was being lived in, it was haunted.

People claimed to have seen headless men and horses dressed in white. The house was known as the Graddy House, and it has been said that a person had been killed there once and had been buried in the barn.

It had also been said that a road leading from the Graddy House to the Crewe Road was also haunted - people claimed to see similar things there.


People also had a fear of an unusual light. Where there was no light, they would see light.


A red house located across from Raymond Pâté’s - was one of the old favourites for ghost stories. People would hear footsteps, a sewing machine going like hell with no one in the house.


Another favourite story was that of Graddy’s Brook. People would drive their horses to the brook, but they would not cross it. It was as though something was frightening them on the other side.

Source: Sophie Martell

The Winceys and Cotes were related. They would go through a path at night to visit at each other's home.

They were always saying that when they tried to cross the field to Abraham Cote’s - there was something like a door stopping them, and they would go around. Her father decided to find out what was going on. He went through the path and came to this door. When he tried to pass, it would always be there in front of him. He discovered it to be Cote’s Ox with a door on his horns.

Cote had put the door on its horns because the ox was wild and would rip the fence down. He was able to eat and drink. The ox would sleep in the shade during the day, so when the people would cross the path at night, the ox would hear them coming and get up - therefore being in front of the person. He would turn his head in the direction the person would go and causing the person to walk into him again.

Source: Mr. Raymond Samson

Raymond remembers that when he was younger, he had been told that there were rats in the shed in a barrel, but there was a cover on the barrel so the only way the rats could have gotten in was through the back of the barrel by making holes in it.

He had forgotten about it until one day he was told to go feed the cows just before dark. As he was about to turn the key in the door, he heard chains in the barn. He then remembered that foolish stories had told him about hearing these chains and he wondered now if these stories could actually be true.

He opened the door a bit again and heard the rattle again. He then got quite fed up with the whole thing and opened the door wide.

NOTHING HAPPENED! All he saw was a rat. Then it struck him. They had set a rat trap and the rat was trying to get out of the trap which was making all the noise. Nothing so scary after all.

Source: Mr. Wilfred Pâté

Wilfred said that he once saw the devil when he was passing on the road near Rose Pascal. There was a barn there, and he had heard something that sounded as if it was coming from the barn. He went to look in the barn but saw nothing. When he turned back around, the devil was laying across the road. He jumped over it and said it didn’t take him long to get from the bridge back to his place.

Source: Mr & Mrs Henry Landry


One day as Henry remembers, he was coming up from the mail and heading up to the backlands. He saw a man walking up the hill as if in the sky, and it was coming towards him. He took off for home on the double.


Maggie’s Grandmother, Josie Sampson, would visit them and hear footsteps behind her all the way home. She would turn around and there was no one there! It sounded as if someone was hauling a chain.


Maggie’s brother thought he had seen a ghost by Victor Martell’s store after Fred Pâté’s son had gotten killed. He thought he seen it at the well located up the road a little ways from Victor’s in those days.

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